How to dress the baby according to the temperature in the house

How to dress the baby according to the temperature in the house

Buying baby clothes is one of the greatest pleasures of new mothers. Bodies with messages, overalls with cartoon characters, hats in cheerful colors or a denim mini-jacket are all very funny things. But the most important function of the clothes is to protect the little one from the heat or from the cold and to make him feel comfortable, regardless of the temperature.

It is important to pay attention to your child, to know him well and to observe what he likes and does not like to wear. There are children who do not like to pull their body on the head, which is why it is more comfortable for them to dress in clothes that end with the help of staples along the body. Others, on the other hand, do not like to wear lace caps under the chin.

Moreover, you must learn to "read" the comfort level of the child and be able to tell when it is too hot or too cold. Until you find out, it is good to start with a set of general tips.

What the child should wear during the day

Babies, even if up to 3-4 months of age are somewhat more inactive, should not be overloaded with clothes, for fear of not suffering from cold. Their clothing should be adapted to the temperature, just as it is for adults.

At a temperature below 23 degrees Celsius in the room, dress your child with as many clothes as you wear. In no case much thicker, considering it is smaller and feels otherwise cold. If the temperature drops below 23 degrees Celsius, the baby will need clothes in several layers to be warm. In this case, it is good to dress the child with a t-shirt body over which to wear either a long-sleeved shirt and trousers, or a footwear and footwear. Keep a thicker coat and a blanket at your fingertips, in case you find it cold.

While staying at home, the baby does not need a hat on his head, even if it is hot or cold outside. Inside, only the premature under 3 kilograms must have the head covered.

At a temperature above 23 degrees Celsius in the room, only one line of clothing is needed. A t-shirt and a pair of shorts or simply just a slim body will provide the necessary comfort. In this case, you do not need to put socks on them, as they will overheat the body of the child.

Choose soft, light clothes from natural fabrics, such as cotton. Preferably light colors, which do not retain heat.

Babies born prematurely they are much more sensitive and require more attention. They may need an extra layer of clothing compared to a term baby, at least until they reach normal weight for their age and will be able to more easily adapt to temperature changes.

What the baby should wear during sleep

At 26 degrees Celsius, in summer, when the temperature inside rises high enough, the baby should not wear more than one body over the disposable diaper. It should be borne in mind that, as an adult suffers from heat in such conditions, a baby also experiences high temperatures, which can create discomfort.

At 23 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature is optimal for a baby. In this case, the baby should be put to bed with a body and only then placed in a thin sleeping bag.

At 20-22 degrees Celsius, when the temperature is slightly lower due to the use of an air conditioner, it is advisable for the baby to wear a short-sleeved shirt, a pair of pants and only then to be placed in the sleeping bag.

At 18-20 degrees Celsius, a little thicker sleeping bag is required. The baby should wear a long-sleeved blouse and pants to feel comfortable.

At 15-18 degrees Celsius, the baby may already feel discomfort. That is why it requires increased attention. Dress the baby in a long-sleeved body over which he puts on a long-sleeved blouse and pants. The socks, in this case, will ensure the maintenance of an optimal body temperature. So dressed, put it in a thick sleeping bag.

Comfort is essential

When a child is too hot, he will become restless, apathetic. He will breathe more often, and his skin will become hot and even sweat. Also, when it is too cold, it will start to cry, and the ears, fingers and neck area will feel cold.

Regardless of the temperature, make sure you choose comfortable clothes for the child, clothes without labels or with hard applications, clothes without rough edges or too narrow. Careful! Babies are wearing thick, bulky diapers that already make them feel a little more warm.

If the little one is calm and happy, sleeps quietly, then it means he is dressed exactly as he should. Instead, you need to be prepared to adapt to each temperature change.

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