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The scooters come to life in Romania

The scooters come to life in Romania

The scooters will no longer be just a children's play!
On September 8th, in the skate park in Herastrau, starting with 10:00 am, the official launch of Razor in Romania takes place. There will be a great demonstration by Johan Grunwald, the young 18-year-old champion from Scandinavia and a very talented member of the Razor Riding Team and the Factory Rider, ranked in the top 20 athletes on the scooter by the International Scooter Association.

The MC of the event will be Vlad Munteanu, the rapper recognized by young people in Romania under the stage name DOC.
Both adults and children can participate throughout the day in competitions and can test, assisted by the experienced Johan, the popular products on 2 wheels.
The bravest ones can enter a talent contest, to show a whole world as in Romania there are extreme sports enthusiasts.
From this autumn Romania is a new point on the map of the development of a new extreme sport. The scooters will come to life and will no longer be just the toys we all knew. Now they have everything they need to surpass in popularity skateboards and BMX bikes.

In America, Razor revolutionized the culture of scooters, turning it into an extremely popular sport, and in Western European countries it began to become increasingly loved and sought after by young people.

Biciclop now introduces this current in Romania as well, bringing to the market the famous American scooters for both Romanian urban extreme sports enthusiasts and those interested in alternative methods of transport in the city.
Razor products can be found this fall in stores throughout the country and are aimed at ages 5 to 99 years.

Razor is the most beloved scooter brand in America, with over 12 years of experience in creating and manufacturing wheeled goods and beyond. Over the years it has enjoyed immense success in the US and Western European markets as well as in Asia and Africa.

Bicyclone promotes two-wheel riding as part of the urban attitude, supporting the bicycle and scooter as permanent, not just recreational, accessories in a city that becomes human again. The Biciclop store is located in Bucharest on Povernei street no. 25 and online at

More details and news about the event, on the Facebook page of the event.

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