4 factors that influence the taste and quality of the food. Keep them in mind so your baby can have tasty, nutrient-packed meals

4 factors that influence the taste and quality of the food. Keep them in mind so your baby can have tasty, nutrient-packed meals

As parents, one of our main concerns is the harmonious development of our children. It is influenced by many aspects, and nutrition is essential for their development from all points of view.

For children it does not matter much how many vitamins the food has on the plate, they keep to taste, and if something they do not like, it is almost impossible to determine at least taste.

So here's what exactly influences the nutritional qualities and taste of the food!

The oven and the oven with which you cook

Keep the microwave only for heating the food and do not use it for more than 10 minutes on food. They will lose their taste and vitamins. When it comes to the hob, the electric heater is difficult to heat, and the intensity cannot be controlled as easily as at the gas hob, where we see the flame. In the case of the electric one, cooking lasts longer, so vegetables lose their properties.

Although the electric hob is seen as a new, modern solution, everything with gas is best suited for fast and healthy cooking. You can find on this site modern gas hobs, which will help you prepare the most delicious dishes for your family, they are also a much more advantageous solution as price and at the moment, but also in the long term, because the gas is cheaper than the electric current.

In contrast, when it comes to the oven, you can confidently opt for an electric one, whose temperature can be set precisely, so the food is cooked perfectly.

The way you keep the food

It is quite difficult to cook every day, so many of us prepare more food and consume it over several days. There is nothing wrong with this, but storage conditions are very important for the food to remain as good as on the first day it was cooked.

Even if you choose to freeze the food, it will retain its nutritional value. However, it is important to freeze it as soon as it has cooled and not thaw it several times. The easiest would be to portion it, so when you defrost a serving, consume it all. If you keep it in the refrigerator for a few days, store it in airtight glass containers, you will find such pans in the household stores. The smells and aromas of the food should not be combined with each other, because they will no longer be as tasty.

The look of the plate

Is your child extremely picky and accepts only certain dishes? Many parents face such problems, and the most worrying thing is that the little one does not get all the necessary nutrients if he does not have a varied diet.

The way the plate looks is extremely important, even for a child. When the food looks appetizing, the appetite also comes, so we should pay more attention to this. It is not just a vain thing, it is scientifically proven that the taste of a food is perceived differently depending on the support it is consumed or the way it is placed on the plate.

Scientists have found that we tend to eat more if the food is placed on a white plate, while if we have a red plate in front, we eat less. The explanation would be that on the white background, the colors on the plate seem more vivid and therefore the taste of the food seems more intense.

Instead, the red color makes us eat less because it is associated with danger. So, if your little one doesn't really have the appetite, or even wants to taste the broccoli puree, a white plate might help.


Man is a social being. Even though our boyfriend seems fascinated by cartoons and we can let him eat in front of the TV, while we deal with other tasks, we must remember that the meal is a ritual and that those around us influence our eating habits.

Scientists have revealed that when a person has lunch with someone else they will consume 35% more than when they are alone. If you eat with three other people, you will consume 75% more food than you are alone. Therefore, family dinners may be of great help if the young person lacks appetite.

Is your child picky about food? Did you know that these factors influence the taste and quality of the food?