Stade de France, a dream that will become a reality for 12 children

Stade de France, a dream that will become a reality for 12 children

About 300 parents are excitedly waiting for the four days of the Final Tournament of the most important football competition for children between 10 and 12 years old. The deserters have been training daily, some as young as 5 years old, have been dreaming of victory and are ready to give the opponents away. Parents are the ones who support them from the stands and proudly shout the name of their child.

Between May 26 and 29 the seventh edition of the Hagi Danone Cup gathers the parents of the small champions in the stands. On the field, 6 school teams and 6 football clubs they will play, one by one, for the unique chance to represent Romania at,Danone Nations Cup "World of the Desert" (October 16, Paris).

Under the slogan "Believe in your dream!", Danone and the "Gheorghe Hagi" Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Scientific Research, support young sportsmen and women to lay the foundation for a successful career: a healthy lifestyle, fair-play spirit and professionalism. Year by year, over 5,000 children from all over the country participate in the competition. On Sunday, May 29, the ambassador of the competition, Gheorghe Hagi, will hand the trophy to the winners of the final.

On the occasion of the event, the small soccer players will also participate in a healthy eating course, supported by nutrition consultant Cristian Margarit. This seminar will be attended by Gheorghe Hagi, who will share with the children tips on the lifestyle of a performance athlete.

The winning team will be designated the national champion, and the 12 small champions will wear Romania's T-shirts at the Danone Nations Cup in the fall, when they will play in Paris for the supreme title alongside 31 other small nationals from around the world. There he is waiting for the meeting with Zidane, Danone Nations Cup Ambassador.

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