Administration of Ribomunyl

Administration of Ribomunyl


- Ribomunyl for a 3 year old child? Please let me know if I can give my 3 year old daughter Ribomunyl for immunization as the kindergarten has started and the cold season is coming. There are doctors who recommend Ribomunyl only to children 5 years and older. Please let me know if it is suitable for 3 year olds. Thank you. Bratu Monica


Ribomunyl can also be given at 3 years, which does not mean that it is indicated.
Ribomunyl is a polyvaccine that contains extracts from the most common microbes that can give respiratory infections and is only indicated in children who have chronic or repetitive infections (over 4 episodes a year) of the respiratory sphere or ENT.
For others, the risks of treatment may outweigh the benefits.
Health wishes you,
dr. Mihnea DRAGOMIR
specialist in family medicine
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