Weaning, remedies for milk secretion

Weaning, remedies for milk secretion


- I have a week since I gave birth to the baby and being the second child but only at the first breastfeeding, I want to know some remedies. Some people tell me that the pills that exist are in great pain and I cannot afford to lie, and those in the elderly do not know them very much.


Remedies for milk secretion

Remedies for milk secretion
It is not clear which is the suffering for which you want remedies. There are the following situations, judge the only one that corresponds to your case:

  • lactation secretion decreases only within a few days. No treatment is required.
  • lactate secretion continues more than a few days, however, the breasts do not ache and are not in tension more than before (= they are not distressed, in other words milk flows alone)? Use (increasingly rare) a milking machine. If you do not have or have no money to take one use a simple glass. You will struggle a bit, but the end result will be the same. As a medication use a diuretic, for example Nefrix, 2 tb a day 5 days in a row in the single morning intake.
  • lactation secretion not only that it remains after weaning, but breasts tend to become numb (miss, i'm in tension and i feel like burning)? try a homeopathic remedy: Ricinnus communis 30 CH, 5 granules 2 times a day on an empty stomach.
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