What it is, when and how to wear the baby wrap

What it is, when and how to wear the baby wrap

The baby wrap or baby wrap is a unique pouch, a long scarf that you can use instead of the classic breast support equipment.

You can use baby wrap from the first days of your baby's life. The wrap supports the newborn's head and body all over the surface so that he and you will feel comfortable.

It is good to know that, unlike the sling or the classic carrier, the baby wrap does not cause back pain even after the baby begins to gain weight.

Why it's good to wear the baby wrap

Here are some important advantages presented by a baby wrap:

  • Baby wrap is generally made of 95% cotton, which means your skin and baby's breathing is normal.
  • Generally, the baby wrap has a length of 5 meters, which means it is suitable for any size.
  • A major advantage of baby wrap is that it evenly distributes the weight of the baby on your shoulders and eliminates the risk of lordosis and scoliosis of the spine.
  • Unlike the classic baby carrier, the baby wrap allows you to breastfeed.
  • This lightweight and easy-to-use carrier can be successfully used in the first 6 months of your baby's life. If the weight of the little one does not become a burden for you, you can wear your baby in wrap and after 6 months, but it is good to consider that if the baby gets too heavy, it will not be comfortable in the scarf and you will not it will be easy for you to move with him.

Types of baby wrap

The material from which the baby wrap is made is a very important criterion and you must take this into account when you decide to buy such a carrier.

Elastic wrap

The elastic wrap is very useful for supporting newborns, as well as larger children, who reach 15 kilograms. One of the most popular positions for elastic wrap is pocket wrap cross carry, where the baby can be placed vertically or horizontally.

Wrap without elastic (fabric)

Wrap that does not contain elastic material is also useful, the fabric being excellent for supporting children with a larger weight. This type of wrap is very popular in Germany.

The disadvantages of a baby wrap

After so many benefits of baby wrap, it's time to find out what the main disadvantages are.

Unlike a classic baby carrier, baby wrap can be difficult to "assemble" from the first and it is very likely to take some time until you realize which is the best binding option. It is good to know that putting the baby in the wrap is not done in a single movement, and when you remove it you may have to pull the material.

Happy babies in baby wrap

The baby wrap allows you to have a very close emotional connection with your little one, because you hold him close to your chest, so he feels safe, away from any danger. You can admire him and you can surprise all the movements and expressions of the girl, without forgetting that you missed a new gesture or an innocent smile.

How to tie a baby wrap

A baby wrap can be tied in dozens of ways, but for starters, it's best to familiarize yourself with one, up to two ways to tie, so that when you want to carry your baby in the wrap, you don't waste time trying to- you know how to tie the scarf.

  • The elastic wrap attaches firmly to the abdomen, because it fits behind the body of your baby and yours and offers proper support.
  • On the shoulders the wrap should be folded in two or four, so that it feels comfortable.
  • It is recommended that the wrap be stretched in a cross on your back.
  • The cloth should be well stretched between the baby's feet, but it should allow them to flex in the "frog" position.

The wrap is ideal for walking in the park, but when you keep the babies in the wrap around the house, be careful not to undertake activities where the little one might get hurt.

Bringing the baby back is recommended only after one year.

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