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Successful treatment of tumor cases by laparoscopic surgery

Successful treatment of tumor cases by laparoscopic surgery

Recognized for its results in treating infertility of couples in Romania and outside the borders, Wellborn is an alternative of excellent medical and hospital services.

Through its endowments and through the ultra-specialized medical team, Wellborn responds to its patients with professionalism and promptness in the most performing medical departments: minimally invasive surgery (laparoscopy / operative hysteroscopy), department of classical operative gynecology, urology / gynecology, surgery. breast, plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as the department of medical gynecology and pathological obstetrics. Because intensive care in all these interventions is a mandatory and vital one, Wellborn Hospital has an ATI (anesthesia and intensive care) department.

Patients who turn to specialized Wellborn services may choose, depending on the diagnosis of hospitalization, day hospitalizations or continuous hospitalizations (in the case of conditions whose treatment or supervision is carried out for more than 12 hours or over several days. - for example: in the case of the operated patients but also in the case of gynecological or obstetric disorders). Within the ATI department, patients receive care within the first 6 hours post-operatively within this section, with the possibility of extension depending on the evolution of the post-operative patient and the recommendation of the anesthesiologist.


An operating team made up of Wellborn physicians (Dr. Valentina Vargolici - specialist obstetrics-gynecologist, Dr. Cristina Badea - primary physician, intensive care anesthesia, Dr. Gabriel Mitroi - primary obstetrics-gynecologist) successfully performed one of the most difficult tumor cases through laparoscopic surgery.


The 43-year-old patient presented to the Wellborn Hospital in Bucharest with a right adnexal tumor formation - multiloculated ovarian cyst, presenting with rebellious pelvic pain in the treatment of drugs.

From the point of view of medical history, the patient underwent 2 surgical interventions 14 years ago, being diagnosed with generalized peritonitis generated by the perforation of a bulbar duodenal ulcer. Subsequently, the patient underwent a new surgery for the appearance of a postoperative event.

Earlier this year, the team of specialist doctors at Wellborn Hospital underwent surgery, laparoscopically, managing to remove the right ovarian tumor. The operation involved a representative degree of difficulty, due to the extensive adhesion process, as a result of the installation of generalized peritonitis, as well as because of the 3 previous surgeries.


The peculiarity and difficulty of the case were that the intra-abdominal, intraperitoneal organs (large epiploon, small intestinal handles, transverse colon, ascending colon) were adherent to the anterior abdominal wall, and the internal genital organs were contained in a pelvic adhesive block, which made very difficult both the LAPAROSCOPIC approach and the ablation of the ovarian tumor formation.

The patient was discharged on day 2 postoperatively, with resumption of intestinal transit, physiological urination and with minimal postoperative pain.

Advantages of laparoscopic surgery

The biggest advantage of laparoscopic surgery is the rapid postoperative recovery, as well as the short duration of hospitalization (1-2 days). Minimal postoperative pain allows rapid mobilization of the patient and resumption of intestinal transit (a very important thing after any abdominal surgery). In oncological cases (ovarian cancer, cancer of the body or cervix), an advantage of laparoscopic surgery is that it allows the rapid start of chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy.

Another advantage is the possibility of exploring the entire abdominal cavity (visualization of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestinal loops, etc.), which is impossible to do in the case of classical abdominal surgery ("open") and vaginal surgery. The lack of abdominal scars is another advantage of this surgical approach.

The Wellborn team believes that this case is a real success of the minimally invasive technique (laparoscopic surgery).

Why do patients choose Wellborn Hospital?

Part of the Wellborn medical network, our hospital is the first profile medical unit, dedicated exclusively to women's and couples' health, through ultraspecialized medical services targeting maternal-fetal medicine and infertility treatment, as well as ultrastructural specialized services involving hospitalization and monitoring. patient.


Advanced medical technologies, by European standards, successfully support surgical interventions performed by multidisciplinary team of doctors, which ensures the medical management of the operations, as well as the subsequent monitoring of the health and the recovery of the patient. All these, provided by the specific endowment of the interventions include hospitalization and ATI, functioning 24/7 according to the medical and administrative protocols.

The Wellborn medical team is constantly developing, both through the continuous specialization of physicians and full-time nurses, as well as by identifying collaborators for the specializations of anesthesia, ultrasound imaging, ambulatory surgery or surgery. the segment of Assisted Human Reproduction.

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