Surimi salad

Surimi salad

Surimi salad is very satiated and aromatic. If you have run out of inspiration and you do not know what to cook, you can try our recipe.

Preparation time

25 minutes




300 g frozen surimi

1/2 box of corn

3 eggs

1 green onion link

1 green parsley link

1 small red onion

200 ml bivolita yogurt

150 ml mayonnaise

1 hot pepper



Method of preparation

Wash the pieces of surimi, then chop the rounds and put them in a bowl. Stop a few rounds for decoration.

Boil the eggs in salted water. Clean them from the peel and cut into cubes. Add them over the surimi. Wash the corn in cold water, then add it to this salad. Cut the onion into thin slices and place it over the other ingredients.

Continue to add the rest of the ingredients, then match the salad with salt and pepper.

Decorate the salad with rounds of surimi. Keep cold salad until serving.

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