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Panna cotta with coffee and liqueur

Panna cotta with coffee and liqueur

Panna cotta is another dessert inspired by Italian cuisine. Panna cotta with coffee is just one of the many variants that this preparation is familiar with.


Preparation time

30 minutes + 4 hours (in the fridge)




1/2 pack of jelly

400 ml fresh liquid

100 ml hard coffee (espresso)

1 tablespoon coffee liqueur (Kahlua)

50 g old

100 g bitter chocolate

Method of preparation

Put the gelatin soaked in cold water, then melt the chocolate together with the wheat, sugar, coffee and liqueur, in the bain-marie.

Drain the gelatin from water, then dissolve it in the whisk composition, stirring continuously. Take the pot with the composition from the fire, strain it through a sieve, then pour it into cups moistened with cold water.

Put the cooked cream in the refrigerator, minimum 3 hours. Serve plain baked cream with whipped cream or chocolate on top.

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