How to choose the baby table chair

How to choose the baby table chair

The baby table chair is a very important accessory for the development of your baby, which becomes necessary after the baby begins to sit in a sitting position and eat solid foods. Find out the most important criteria for choosing a baby table chair.


The most important criteria to consider when choosing the baby table chair are:

  • ease of use;
  • safety for your little one;
  • comfort;
  • the cleaning method;
  • service life.

Ease of use of the baby table chair

The first criterion that is important for the baby table chair to respect is ease of use. Before you buy the furniture you need for your little one, make sure it includes a seat belt that can be closed using a single hand.

Other important criteria are the space occupied by the chair, which is why many parents choose a leaflet. Some seats are also equipped with wheels for easy handling, but they also require an effective locking mechanism.

Safety for your little one

A quality baby table chair includes a seat belt that your little one cannot undo. In addition to the clamping system, it is useful for the baby table chair to include a locking system if it is foldable and its structure does not include sharp points where the baby could be injured.

Moreover, the chair must be stable and not to crumble when the little boy tries to climb on it by himself.

Baby comfort

Because your child will spend a lot of time in the chair, as long as you feed him and even when preparing his food, choose a comfortable chair. Many dining chairs include a seat and back of textile material, and if your baby suffers from allergies, it is important to treat them properly.

Cleaning method

The dining chair will probably be the dirtiest object in your kitchen. Feeding a baby is rarely a hassle-free process, so it's helpful to know from the start how to properly clean the chair.

If it includes numerous crevices, the chair will be harder to clean and can become a perfect environment for the development of pathogens.

Duration of use

If you want to make a good investment, make sure the baby table chair has a long service life.

Most of the chairs can be used until your baby reaches the age of 3 or weighing 15 kg, and this guarantees a minimum life of 2 and a half years without additional investment.

Table chair for your baby

To help you when you are looking for table chairs for your baby, we have made a selection of the ones that we considered appropriate, meeting the above requirements.

High chair with Antelope seat belt

With a width of 58 cm, a depth of 62 cm and a height of 90 cm, the IKEA Antelope chair requires assembly, but offers an easy-to-integrate design in modern kitchens.

Synthetic steel and polypropylene plastic product, the seat has a weight of only 3.2 kg and is compatible with the optional tray of 20 lei.

Price: 69.99 lei

Table chair with tray First Steps

A good choice for children over 6 months old, who are alone in a sitting position, the table table with the First Steps tray is recommended for children weighing less than 15 kg.

Like most baby seats, it requires assembly and includes a soft seat and back, made of textile material, easy to clean with hot water and soap.

Available in 4 color options: yellow, orange, turquoise and green.

Price: 171 lei

Jolly Sea Life dining chair

Decorated with aquatic life forms, the Jolly Sea Life dining chair is easy to fold and includes a washable PC cover.

For the safety of your little one, the seat offers 5-point seat belts.

The dining chair also includes a toy, which can keep the child busy as long as he does not have a full mouth and a plastic tray with glass support.

Price 220.5 lei

High chair with Blames tray

High chair with tray, Blames from IKEA can be the ideal chair for your little one to learn quickly how to have a correct position during the meal.

It is made of solid wood of coconut tree and has dimensions of 51 cm wide, 54 cm deep and 93 cm high. With a weight of 7.7 kg, the seat includes a polypropylene plastic tray and a seat belt.

Price: 249 lei

Compact L. Rossi dining chair

Compact and folding table chair with one hand, the Compact L. Rossi model includes a double locking system for maximum safety.

The dimensions are 57 cm wide, 70 cm deep and 104 cm high, and the included table is large and has 4 adjusting positions.

The seat belt offers a system with 3 points.

Available in 4 color options: yellow orange, pink and green.

Price: 250 lei

Boss dining chair by L. Rossi

Recommended for children between 4 and 36 months, the Boss Rossi dining chair is comfortable and includes a 3-point seat belt. The chair has double locking system, 3 tilt positions for the back and 3 adjustment positions for the height and uses a large table, adjustable in 4 positions.

It has a weight of 9.8 kg and dimensions of 53 cm wide, 72 cm deep and 84-107 cm high.

Price: 288 lei

Happy Snack Distraction dining chair

Ideal for children between 6 and 36 months, the Happy Snack Distraction chair has a very light structure and the tilting backrest in 3 positions. It is equipped with 2 wheels on the back, to be moved easily, and has sat and backed from the material the text, along with a support for accessories.

Price: 336 lei

Chair for the First Pappa Newborn table from Peg Perego

Recommended from birth until the baby reaches 15 kg, the First Pappa Neborn is a lounge chair and multifunctional table chair, with removable tray, double, adjustable in two positions, for table and play.

With 7 height-adjustable positions and 3 for the little boy's feet, the chair produced by Peg Perego includes a well-padded, anti-allergic cover, and is 57 cm wide, 87.5 cm deep and 106 cm high and weighs 10, 9 kg.

Price: 849 lei