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Romanian artists who sing songs for children

Romanian artists who sing songs for children

The children's songs have, over time, reached the repertoire of many Romanian singers. Many of them approached this market segment only after they became parents, out of love for their children, while others considered this step an opportunity to make more money out of music.

From the big project Cutiuta Muzicala, which has gathered, until now, dozens of celebrities, to established artists, such as Mihai Constantinescu, Cleopatra Stratan, Andreea Banica or Cristina Spatar, a lot of local artists have flirted with children's music.

Mihai Constantinescu - an artist dedicated to children

Mihai Constantinescu is one of the most well-known Romanian artists who have released children's albums. Loved by children, but also by adults, after the release of the famous song "Loved and the wandering dogs", Mihai Constantinescu dedicated a good part of his career to children's songs.

In 2008, along with Loredana Groza and Simona Secrier, Mihai Constantinescu released the album "Songs for the Angels", which includes 11 songs composed by the artist, along with Vasile Groza, Loredana's father.

Cleopatra Stratan - the child who sings for children

Cleopatra Stratan has been juggling showbizz ever since she was very young and soon became a sensation phenomenon in the Romanian music world and beyond. At the initiative of her father, Pavel Stratan, the little Cleopatra flirted for the first time with the music on the song "Ghita", which made both young and old rage.

After the impressive success that he recorded with this song, the career of the little artist began to develop lightning. Not only that the successes and the financial gains have followed one another, but the little artist has managed to enter the Book of Records no less than 6 times.

At the age of 10, Cleopatra already has in her professional CV no less than 4 albums with songs for children:

  • At the age of 3 (2006);
  • At the age of 5 (2008);
  • Christmas Magic (2009);
  • Songs for children (2012) - album containing songs composed exclusively by her.

Cristina Spatar and Andreea Banica are planning albums with music for children

Cristina Spatar and Andreea Banica are two famous moms and artists established in the local showbizz, who plan to launch in the musical world of the little ones, with two albums with songs for the little ones. Andreea Banica has announced since last year the intention to venture into the musical universe of children with a special album, which she plans to record with her daughter, Maria Sofia.

After the birth of the second child, Cristina Spatar decided to leave, for a period, R&B music and record an album with songs for children. According to the singer's statements, he already has the most loyal fan in the world: his son, Albert. She has already tested Albert's first songs and said he was thrilled to hear them, which gives her even more courage and determination to take this new step in her career.

Musical box - 30 stars sing for children

"Musical box" is the largest musical project in Romania ever dedicated to children. It represents a collection of songs for children, stories and songs of a cello performed by several Romanian artists and celebrities, who are, at the same time, parents.

No less than 9 volumes of the "Musical Box" project have appeared on the market, in which tens of stars have been involved so far, more or less musically gifted:

  • Alin Oprea;
  • Anca Pandrea;
  • Anca Turcasiu;
  • Andra;
  • Corina Danila;
  • Dan Bittman;
  • Dana Nalbaru;
  • Daniela Nane;
  • Florin Piersic senior and junior;
  • Ilie Nastase;
  • Ioana Moldovan;
  • Iurie Darie;
  • Loredana Groza;
  • Madalina Manole;
  • Malina Olinescu;
  • Mihaela Radulescu;
  • Mihai Georgescu;
  • Monica Anghel;
  • Mircea Baniciu;
  • Nadia Comaneci;
  • Narcisa Suciu;
  • Oana Cuzino;
  • Oana Sarbu;
  • Olivia Steer;
  • Raluca Moianu;
  • Sanda Ladosi;
  • Silvia Dumitrescu;
  • Trandafir tea;
  • Virgil Iantu.

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