3 things that the coolest parents do

3 things that the coolest parents do

One of the biggest challenges facing parents today is to be modern, knowledgeable parents who know how to give their kids more than just fun at the moment: unforgettable experiences.

Here are some things that I have noticed in the coolest parents I have worked with over time.

1. They make time for "play time"

Regardless of the program, they manage to prioritize family play, invent games and stories with the little one, discover together the new toys that the child is interested in and ... take full advantage of the quality time with the child.

2. I know when to give the child space

The time parent-child is very valuable, but the child needs socialization outside the house, along with friends and colleagues of his age. By playing on a par, they learn to share, to make a team, to solve small conflicts, but also to have a great time hiding together the most distressing scenarios.

3. I am aware of everything new and interesting

The coolest parents I know are those who are constantly informed, always manage to give the child new ideas, new concerns, to train him in all kinds of educational games. I know how to easily recognize an opportunity to create great memories for the child and help him make new friends.

If you need some inspiration, I recommend the biggest adventure of the year: NERF camp. A unique experience, for the first time both in Romania and in the world: play and sport combine perfectly, physical movement becomes pure fun, and socialization becomes a flower to the ear for little ones. This is because the program is created by specialists - psychologists, animators and coaches - who set out to create a camp where every child dreams of walking with their best friend.

How can children get to the NERF Camp?

Well, Easter is the perfect opportunity to give it this chance! You just have to buy a NERF blaster with campaign sticker, enter the code on the sticker on and accumulate at least 200 points.

You can earn a double seat for your child and a friend of his in the NERF Camp, plus 500 instant prizes: new NERF blasters and equipment. And don't forget to keep the tax receipt for validating the prize!

Thus, in addition to the joy of receiving a new Easter blaster, the little one has the chance to live the hottest adventure on a summer vacation, and you can become the coolest parent in the group!

Article written by Cerasela Calin, specialist in communication with children