How to teach your child to spend less time in front of the computer. 5 fun play ideas for little ones

How to teach your child to spend less time in front of the computer. 5 fun play ideas for little ones

Children are enjoying the benefits of technology now more than ever, but that also means they spend less time playing outside. The importance of socializing with other children and running outside not only helps them to develop harmoniously, but also stimulates their attention, creativity and speed of response to problems.

When in the house there are temptations such as cartoons on television or computer games, it is a daunting mission impossible to take them out in the park or on the playground. Therefore, it is important for young children to learn from an early age how to enjoy their time in nature.

Here are some ideas to teach your child as a child to appreciate nature outings and have fun every time.

Let your baby get dirty

Many parents are scared that the little ones might get bacteria from the floor, so don't let them play in the sand pit, get their hands on the toys left on the tarmac or get on the slides, for fear they won't hit. However, microbes in nature are extremely important for the development of the children's immune system, and this will protect them from frequent disease at maturity or from colds that are difficult to pass.

Instead of fiddling with them when climbing the slides or wanting to swing, you better teach them how to do this without hurting yourself and watching them closely at first. Encourage your child to try new things, otherwise he will grow up with the fear of not getting hurt or getting sick, and this will affect his social life, relationships with other children his age.

Show him that he can have more fun than at home

Activities that require a child's physique will help him avoid conditions such as childhood obesity, a problem that has only worsened due to the fact that little ones are sedentary, eat unhealthy and spend hours in front of the TV.

In order to get used to moving from the first years of life, you can take a tricycle like this, which is easy to use, colorful and very fun for the little ones. Riding a tricycle or scooter prepares them for cycling later in life, strengthens their muscles, including the cardiac one, and protects them from extra pounds.

Draw with chalk on the asphalt

Buy a set of colored chalk and play together. Encourage him to draw your favorite cartoon character, your family, flowers or teach him to play the boss. Drawing develops children's imagination and creativity and is an activity that will surely captivate them.

Plant a small flower garden with it

Children will always want to do what big people do, so if you plant a small flower garden, then take care of it. This will make him feel that he has an important responsibility and you will see him spend minutes in a row, carefully watering each flower and digging the soil with lopatica. If you do not stay at home and do not have a yard, you can arrange a miniature garden in front of the block, in a small secluded green space.

Organize a "treasure hunt"

It calls for games to keep him busy when you go out and to make him feel proud that he has completed a task. Make a list of things you need to find in a park and send it in search of them. From leaves of different sizes, to colored stones, all will be a small treasure for your child and he will definitely want to bring his "prey" with him at home, so be prepared early with a sealed bag in which to carry them know. Teach him, however, not to break the flowers in the parks or venture into dangerous places.

Remember that little ones should have well-established rules when it comes to using your computer, so don't hesitate to set limits, even if you hit the protests at first.

Also make sure that these rules are respected and do not give in to the emotional blackmail. Children become more receptive if they are rewarded each time they are listeners, but do not resort to rewards in sweets or money.

You can, for example, offer him a cardboard star, which he can stick on the fridge or on a wall, every time he turned off the TV on his own initiative and went outside to play.

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