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How you fall in love with your old partner again

How you fall in love with your old partner again

Even solid couples can go through delicate moments that could endanger their marriage or relationship. Some divergences are remedied, others, unfortunately, can lead to the couple's disintegration.

In the conditions where there is no communication between the partners - or, if there is, it invariably leads to scandal - couples therapy can be a solution. The psychologist can practically help you fall in love with your life partner again.

Psychologists specializing in couple therapy say that when serious problems arise in a relationship, both partners should come to the consultation to find out their causes and try to resolve them.

More details about couples therapy I found from Georgeta Ghinea, psychologist at the psychological counseling office G&G Psycho - therapy.

"Unwanted behaviors appear unintentionally, in some cases, or as a nightmare, in other cases.

The psychologist can help the two discover the causes together and look for the way to solve, to overcome the crises of all kinds, which can arise in a relationship, "explained Georgeta Ghinea. Women fight more for a relationship. , women experience the most painful problems of the couple and, consequently, they also address the psychologist especially when something is no longer in a relationship.

It is true, however, that healing in its entirety can only be done with the support of both partners. "The man's obligation to support his family made him imagine that his problems could not be solved by anyone other than him. Because of this, he denies his couple problems, pretends that they do not exist, although his partner becomes dissatisfied" , said the psychologist Georgeta Ghinea.

In a couple therapy, the partners get to know each other better, to understand each other. The therapy consists, in practice, in discussions with "books on the face". "The first thing that happens is the so-called" therapeutic alliance ". The two, together with the therapist, develop the true reasons for the impasse they reached," Georgeta Ghinea told us.

The success of the therapeutic sessions depends, first and foremost, on the two life partners, how much they want things to go back to normal. "Each partner must agree to change something.

If one of them is forced to attend the sessions, then he will not make any effort in this regard. The therapist is a neutral person, who can interpret things from a different perspective. "Although in a therapy you can never know exactly how many sessions the situation is remedied, you can talk about an average of 20-30 sessions.

A session lasts between 50 minutes and one hour. Depending on the problem, the therapist may recommend one or two sessions per week. The price of a session varies around 10 euros.

Methods to avoid stressed situations:

- Listen to your partner before making accusations!

- Try calmly to find out what happened and why!

- Even if it is painful, only knowing the reason or cause for which you feel cheated you have more chances to save your relationship!

- If only jealousy is the only problem that creates discomfort in your relationship, think that this only means low self-respect!