4 exercises for facial gymnastics

4 exercises for facial gymnastics

Facial gymnastics is one of the simplest and handy methods by which you can improve your skin's appearance and combat wrinkles, circles or give volume to your lips, without botox and other surgical procedures. With only a few minutes daily dedicated to facial exercises, you can have a young and rested complexion every day.

Here are some simple and fast exercises that completely change the look of your skin and make your skin firmer and brighter!

Against wrinkles around the eyes

If the wrinkles begin to make their appearance in the complexion and become contoured around your eyes, it is important to take measures to slow down their evolution quickly. A useful exercise in this regard is the following:

  • center your eyes as if you would like to stare at an object at a distance and place your fingers on the level of your hands;
  • press with your fingers and pull the sample outwards;
  • hold this position for 20-30 seconds;
  • pause for a few seconds and resume the exercise;
  • repeat the exercise 3-4 times.

For the volume of the lips

Have you always wanted to have thicker and larger lips, but is Botox injection not an option for you? You can try some natural alternatives. They do not have the immediate effect that Botox or other cosmetic surgery procedures offer you, but it helps you to remodel your lips, without money and with minimal daily effort:

  • position the bridge of each palm on the cheeks;
  • then, it begins to vocalize an extended "o", which you alternate with "e", at the same time as you shoot with the bridge of the cheek palm towards the sample;
  • hold position and vocalizations for about 30 seconds, then relax face;
  • repeat the facial exercise 3 times.

To prevent wrinkles around the mouth

Not only the eyes are safe targets for the appearance of wrinkles. The area around the mouth can undergo, over time, changes of aesthetic nature, by the appearance of the so-called expression lines. These can be improved or prevented with a very simple exercise:

  • insert your toes into the corners of your mouth and start firing until you feel that the muscles around it are stretched to the maximum;
  • hold the position for 10-15 seconds while tightening all the muscles adjacent to the area;
  • return to the starting position and, after a pause for a few seconds, repeat the exercise;
  • do 3-4 repetitions, daily.

Against wrinkles on the forehead

The forehead is as affected by wrinkles as the eyes or the area around the mouth. The fine and unsightly braces on the forehead can be combated with some very simple facial exercises:

  • raise and lower the eyebrows about 15-20 times, then repeat the series about 4-5 times;
  • place your thumb on one hand in the area between the eyebrows; press (not very strong) continuously until numbers up to 30, then remove the pressure for a few seconds and resume the exercise 5 times.

What other facial gymnastics exercises do you know for beauty beautification? Tell us your suggestions in the comments section below!