Finest care for your baby's clothes

Finest care for your baby's clothes

Caring for the little one and paying attention constantly means love ... Protecting the baby's skin is one of the mothers' first concerns, and the detergent used to clean his clothes is very important.

Pediatricians recommend the use of detergents specially formulated for babies, to avoid allergies and irritations.

Children's skin is very sensitive and fine, requiring extra care. In the first months of their life they very often soil their clothes, and their cleaning requires an effective detergent, which removes resistant stains, but with a composition specially created to protect the skin.

In the automatic washing process, the cleaning time is extremely short, often leaving white spots of detergent on clothes. Thus, it is recommended to use a liquid formula, which dissolves quickly and eliminates the residue from the fabrics more easily.

Did you know that classic detergents often contain chemicals that are absorbed by the body through the skin and the airways?

Being made with the help of dermatologists, Dermalin is the first detergent for sensitive skin in Romania, and now it is also in liquid form.

It cleans clothes well, having a formula that does not contain LAS (linear alkylbenzene), naphthes or aggressive surfactants. So, Dermalin it is recommended for cleaning children's clothes, people with skin allergies or those with a high degree of sensitivity.

Price: 31.99 rum

Dermalin detergent is found in Sensiblu pharmacies.

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