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Maternity luggage - what the baby kit should contain

Maternity luggage - what the baby kit should contain

All moms are getting ready in time for their baby to come to the world, and one of the most important things is organizing the baby kit. recommends packing your luggage for the hospital two or three weeks in advance to be prepared in case the baby decides to come to the world sooner than you expected.

After birth, you will remain hospitalized for about three days, so we have made a list of the main things you will need for the baby in the hospital.

Keep in mind that you don't have to spend a lot of money before your baby comes into the world, especially since you only use them for a few weeks or months.

The baby

Regardless of the hospital in which you chose to give birth, it is good to have a blanket in which to wrap your baby. This will prove extremely useful especially when you are discharged and you will be able to go home together.


A newborn may even need 12 diapers a day. Get ready early and buy more diaper packs to take with you to the hospital.

Some maternities are equipped with pharmacies inside the hospital, but you should consider the possibility that they may be more expensive there. Coming to a child's world also involves a lot of expenses, so you can save money if you are predictable.

Baby clothes and shoes

Every mom is excited when she buys her baby's first clothes. But you have to keep in mind that in the last months of pregnancy you may no longer face a marathon of shopping through stores, as before.

Fortunately, as fast and easy as you can order online. On we found quality clothes for babies and newborns, made in Romania, but also towels, bibs and breasts.

For newborns, the bodies will prove indispensable, because it will be much easier for you to dress the baby in the first months, when he cannot support his head yet. Do not forget about socks and boots to keep warm the little one, as well as a little hat and anti-scratch gloves.


You will certainly be eager to feed your baby and feel it on your chest, but a bottle will prove extremely useful if you cannot breastfeed from day one. Make sure you have several types of pacifiers, of different sizes.

Ointment against irritation

The skin of babies is extremely sensitive, and many newborns are irritated with diapers. That is why it is advisable to have a special ointment in hand to prevent and treat these irritations. The classic talcum powder, used right after the baby was washed, works just as well.

A baby chair for the car

The moment you leave home, you will most likely get in a car. Even if you want to hold it in your arms, you must know that it is much safer for the baby to be carried in a chair mounted on the rear seat of the car. In addition, you will have free hands to make sure that the little one is missing nothing.

Before packing, consult the latest ultrasound or talk to the gynecologist who supervised your pregnancy to estimate the baby's weight and length. Thus, it will be much easier for you to choose the right clothes, as well as the right diapers.

Also, take an early interest in the policy of the hospital you are about to give birth in order to find out what objects you are allowed to enter into maternity care. Most do not impose restrictions, but it does not hurt to be informed in time and not have unpleasant surprises when you get there.

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