Get rid of unsightly little ones or little hunters and get your feet ready for summer

Get rid of unsightly little ones or little hunters and get your feet ready for summer

Yes, we know ... summer is the favorite season of skirts and dresses, but are your feet ready to be worn by the sun? Standing or sitting for a long time at work can cause unsightly legs to appear, and capillary fragility favors the frequent occurrence of small bruises exactly where you do not want them. Even if you have a busy schedule, you deserve to be able to wear a skirt or dress without these problems.

If you are bothered by the little spiderwebs, with a "spider web" look, visible through the skin or small bruises, Benemedo created Vitella Vein, a multibenefic dermatological gel, which supports the beauty and health of the skin.

Apply 2-3 times daily gel Calf Vein it leads to the disappearance of the small hunters in a few days, and the visibility of the youngsters fades after 2 weeks. For a sharp reduction, until the disappearance of the veins, apply the gel for another 4-6 weeks.

Calf Vein is a mixture of beneficial ingredients, carefully selected to act effectively on the problems mentioned. It does NOT contain parabens!

Routine helps to close the cracks of damaged ruins;

The extract of Centella asiatica acts against aging of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, responsible for the softening of the skin;

The active plant extracts - thyme, birch, blueberry, sulfin - together with the essential oils of citrus, cypress and lavender contained in Vitella Vein decrease the irritation of the skin, increase the flexibility of the walls of the small vessels and improve the microcirculation.

For optimum effect, apply the gel to warm and moist skin, when the pores are open, especially after the bath or shower. The gel absorbs quickly, leaving no marks on the skin.

Vitella Vein gel is available in the pharmacies Chain, Dona, Sensiblu, independent pharmacies and online pharmacies.

For more details, visit //www.vitella.ch/en/vitella-vein