How do you convince your partner to treat your infertility

How do you convince your partner to treat your infertility

Statistical data show that up to 1 in 7 couples may suffer from fertility problems, but this topic remains difficult to discuss, as the stakes can be very high. When you cannot conceive after 2 years of regular unprotected sex, however, it is important to take action and convince your partner to treat your infertility.


The situation may be different from couple to couple, depending on age, but once 2 years of trials have passed without a task, time becomes precious.

Differences in perception regarding infertility

Specialized studies show that men are not aware that their fertility may decrease with age. Lifestyle is a strong influence factor on fertility, but often there can be medical problems that do not go away by themselves.

Most believe that fertility problems can occur as easily in men as in women, and I do not know that, often, apparent infertility is due to a combination of factors related to both partners.

Couples who suffer from fertility problems are more focused on the situation of the woman, often ignoring the fact that fertility is a couple problem as well as raising children.

Infertility, a sensitive subject

The fact that infertility is still a sensitive topic for many couples makes communication difficult. Unfortunately, the delays caused by hesitations can sometimes be extended beyond the couple's medical fertility period. This is not necessarily menopause, during the fetal period many medical or behavioral factors can contribute. Causes that contribute to these delays include:

  • shame, because a discussion about fertility can often lead to a discussion about sexuality;
  • fear: many continue to believe that the ability to procreate is related to their value as a human being, and the answer to questions about fertility might influence their self-esteem and image in front of their partner;
  • Lack of information: In many cases, the situation can be solved with a few minor changes recommended by a fertility specialist, but many couples are afraid that the only solutions are complicated and costly medical interventions.

Discussion with your partner about infertility

The easiest way to start a discussion with your partner about infertility issues is to choose a time when there is no external pressure and use it as a starting point for the beginning of the relationship. Family questions whose answer is helpful at the beginning of the relationship, but can be discussed and now include:

  • how many children do we want?
  • what is the maximum age at which we are willing to have a child?
  • what conditions must we fulfill before having a child?
  • what changes are we willing to accept for the sake of a child?
  • how do we share responsibilities from the first months?
  • how do we share the responsibilities related to education?

It is important to express your feelings of love in front of your partner and explain to them that they are not conditioned in any way by the things you can find after specialized tests, once you decide together to investigate the problem.

Even if 1-2 years have passed since the moment you started trying to conceive a child with your partner, give him a few months' rest when you see that he is not ready and resume then calmly and without reproach. .

Consultation of the specialized doctor

Once you have decided to consult a specialist doctor, the tests needed to identify the problem include: a detailed physical consultation, a sperm analysis, a blood test of the woman measuring the blood progesterone level and eliminating the possibility of Chlamydia infection in both partners. .

Sometimes additional tests are needed, and the stress caused can further aggravate the situation.

Infertility, secret in front of others?

Once you have started discussing fertility issues, it is important to establish a common attitude to display towards those around you. The advantages of sincerity on this issue include obtaining new information, the possibility of removing some fears and negative feelings through their discussion and even the chances of helping the partner during this difficult period.

With sincerity and tact, discussions about infertility can lead to a common solution that will help you solve the problem as a solid couple.

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