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Ways you can prevent allergic reactions

Ways you can prevent allergic reactions

Allergy is the set of reactions of an immune system to external factors.

When the person inhales certain particles, which can be called allergies because the body is sensitive to them, they react by:

- inflammation;

- sneezing;

- itching of the eyes, nose;

- eruptions;

- vomiting.

Allergens are usually airborne particles, such as pollen, spring fluff, dust, Together with hair or hair from animals, or different medicines containing substances like penicillin and sulfamide.

Allergy reactions are different depending on the situation. There are cases in which eyes tear, skin can become inflamed easily, or cases where some people I can't breathe anymore, I feel that they are suffocating and they have no air.

It is advisable to avoid critical situations and that is why doctors often recommend specialized tests to check the general condition of the patient.

Abnormal body reactions are common in the skin, mucous membranes and airways. Allergic wound is actually inflammation of the nasal mucosa and the airways, manifested by runny nose, eye tears, stuffy nose or sneezing, itching of the nose and sometimes and headaches.

In fact, there is also a food allergy that occurs when people eat a food that contains any protein or food additive that cannot be tolerated by the body. The foods that most often cause food allergies are:

- oak;

- the milk;

- walnuts;

- soy;

- sea fruits;

- wheat.

Contact dermatitis they are instead inflammations of the skin arising from contact with the allergic substance. These manifest through skin rashes, irritation and itching.

How can you detect what kind of allergy you have?

First of all you have to analyze your reactions and the moments of the day. It is good to know what you did because the atmosphere in the air is often the one that contributes to the manifestation of the allergy. As I said above, there are several types of allergies, and each one is different.

Symptoms are those that attract attention normally and those that we must guide ourselves because only in this way can an appropriate treatment be applied.

Doctors often recommend performing tests to detect what kind of allergy there is in the body. Following the test, a treatment should be prescribed for the patient because this procedure should not be delayed. Because we are different and we have different organisms, each person should have different treatments based on or performed based on data about it.

Therefore, the specialist doctor starts with an anamnesis to be performed on the patient. Following this, blood, respiratory, skin and various other specialized tests can be performed to identify what triggered the allergic reactions.

In the end, the patient's chart should reflect the body's image and predisposition. Based on this fact sheet, the specialist doctor will recommend a treatment depending on the patient's body. It is said that personalized treatments have more results than usual. It is known, however, that once an allergy has occurred, there is a good chance that it will reappear.

Measures that can be taken to prevent allergic reactions

Sometimes a drug can improve the effects, but usually the patient has to change their lifestyle. It is also the case of allergies because some of them appear in the hot season.

Therefore, patients can avoid, for example, exposure to the air or the sun at certain intervals. In the case of food allergies, the affected person can avoid as much as possible proteins, additives or substances present in food, to which she is allergic.

Once the diagnosis has been made, the person suffering from an allergy should follow the treatment strictly because only in this way can the symptoms improve. As long as the diagnosis has been correctly established, the patient must take the necessary measures. Of course, critical situations can be avoided.

For this, it is good to have a treatment that must be kept permanently by the patient. This should be one of control that aims at maintaining the norms of the body. For example, in people suffering from asthma, control medicines can be given to prevent an asthma attack or a situation in which the patient feels that they have no air.

Also, monitoring is very important for the patient. Once you keep your body under control and carry out regular tests, you will know exactly what the situation is and what to do next.

In some cases the stages are different and so it is good to know what stage you are in to know how to proceed.

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