Vitalact Immunity Junior - milk that gives your little one the necessary energy throughout the day

Vitalact Immunity Junior - milk that gives your little one the necessary energy throughout the day

Vitalact Immunity Junior, represents the unique combination of colostrum and lactoferin, regulates and stimulates the action of the immune system, improves the transport and assimilation of iron, ensures a high energy supply and stimulates the appetite.

Breast milk contains a number of substances that help stimulate and improve the functioning of the child's immune system. Recent scientific studies have shown that breastfeeding brings a number of benefits to the baby, namely: lowering the likelihood of the baby developing respiratory infections, diabetes, lymphoma or allergies, decreases the risk of becoming overweight at maturity.

If you are a mom, Vitalact Immunity Junior helps you

The caloric requirement of the child increases with its development and weight gain. So, Vitalact Immunity Junior milk was developed by Ropharma to provide the nourishment your baby needs even after reaching the age of 1 year. The unique combination of lactoferin and colostrum milk guarantees the development and support of the child's immune system and allows the body to fight more easily against viruses, bacteria or fungi.

Why do you have to give your little one Vitalact Immunity Junior?

The main active substances of Vitalact Immunity Junior milk are lactoferin and colostrum. Together with all the other ingredients, they are necessary to provide the vitamins and nutrients needed for your little one.

lactoferrin it has a multifunctional role and is part of the body's defense system. The main benefit of lactoferin is its ability to ensure transport and assimilation of iron into the body. This substance is especially indicated in cases of anemia that may occur once breastfeeding has been completed. Other effects of lactoferin use include antibacterial, antiviral, antitumor, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory benefits. Lactoferin also contributes to the regulation of cell growth and differentiation, inhibits bacterial biofilms and helps the proper growth and development of bones and intestinal flora.

Colostrum, the second important substance found in the milk Vitalact Immunity Junior, has unique and essential properties in the development and growth of the child. It is rich in immunoglobulins, cytokines and growth factors, contains antibodies, vitamins and minerals, as well as other nutrients in unique proportions and combinations. It has a high content in minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and phosphorus, in protein, but still low in carbohydrates (such as lactose) or fat. Moreover, colostrum fights most of the child's future food allergies, the proteins in its composition ensure a balanced blood sugar level, has a laxative effect and contains plenty of living cells that protect the child from pathogens.

The unique combination of milk powder with lactoferin and colostrum provides children with a complete, complex and balanced diet and mothers should consider including such a product in their children's nutrition, a product that can positively influence their development and subsequent health.

How do you administer to your little Vitalact immunity Junior?

The boxes of Vitalact Immunity Junior each contain 400 grams of milk powder and one non-sterile serving. The full size represents the equivalent of 4.4 grams of milk powder. The milk preparation method consists in dissolving 3 tablespoons full of powdered milk in 90 ml of boiled and cooled water. In this way, approximately 100 mL of reconstituted milk powder will be obtained. The product should not be given to children who are lactose intolerant.

The price of a box of Vitalact Immunity Junior is 23.5 RON.

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