Iron Man and Captain America are dating Romanian fans

Iron Man and Captain America are dating Romanian fans

Thus, the visit of the two prepares the launch of the blockbuster Captain America - Civil War, a film that will be released on May 6, in all cinemas in the country.

Marvel fans are expected in the meantime 3pm - 8.30pm, in the specially arranged area of ​​Sun Plaza, on the 1st floor. The little ones, but also the big ones, have the exclusive chance to get on stage and take a picture with the famous Marvel superheroes.

The children will be able to explore the universe of the two superheroes even better, exercising their creativity in the photo area supported by HP, in the coloring area prepared by Litera Mica Publishing House or with a talented plastic artist.

Another surprise is the new game LEGO MARVEL's Avengers that children will be able to test on this occasion, as well new Marvel toys from Hasbro. The participants will have many surprises and prizes, throughout the event presented by the talented actor Teodor Ghita.

"With the superheroes, we will turn Saturday, April 9, into one of joy for all the children and parents who come to Sun Plaza. Somehow, each of us is a hero. Iron Man and Captain America are the first. invited from a long line of events that we have prepared for this year, "added Sun Plaza representatives.

In the new Marvel premiere, Iron Man (played by Robert Downey Jr.) and Captain America (Chris Evans) are in different camps. While the first supports the application of a new law, which decomposes their identity, the second rebels.

The surprise prepared for the spectators of this film is that they will have the opportunity to see Spider Man, guest of honor in this film.