International Forest Day, marked by sports and afforestation

International Forest Day, marked by sports and afforestation

Celebrates International Forest Day helping to plant and care for over 20,000 seedlings: Run and forest Romanian at Crosul Padurii 2016!

March 21st is the day when we celebrate International Forest Day worldwide. Bucharest today has the opportunity to join the millions of people from all over the world who help and get involved in the conservation and development of new forests, by registering for the largest charity event for the environment in Romania.

Forest Cross 2016, supported by Kaufland Romania, is an event whose final objective is the planting and care of at least 20,000 seedlings. the entire amount of the participation fees will be transformed into the seedlings planted by the Children's Forest on degraded agricultural land in the south of the country. There are 10 days until the online registration ends.

The Crosul Padurii2016, supported by Kaufland Romania, awaits its competitors at the start of the weekend April 16 - 17, with 4 samples: children, 5, 10 or 15 kilometers. Saturday, April 16 is the day dedicated to running races of 500 and 1000 meters, and the small participants will be able to have educational fun and creative workshops prepared for them. Sunday is the day of adults, those who have chosen to run through the forest!

In the spirit "Roman is now brother to the codr" the organizers of the event invite the participants to run and forest by choosing a more atypical and ... traditional Romanian sports costume: opinci, brau, ie. The official jersey of the event also wears motifs from the traditional Romanian hills.

"The Cross of the Forest is an event branded Children's Forest, started in 2009, so here we come to the 8th edition. Today is a day very close to us and our cause is the International Day of Forests. that we want to invite you to celebrate it with a wonderful gesture: by signing up for the Crosul Padurii, you will choose to run and have fun with your friends, and at the same time to help the forests. ... in the traditional outfit! " say Teodora Palarie, coordinator Children's Forest.

"For Kaufland to be a responsible company means to get involved in the community in which we are present. We take seriously the responsibility we have towards the environment and society. We want to help the community understand the benefits of a healthy life. and we want to be more aware of the sustainable values ​​of our actions. We can each contribute to a better tomorrow! "He says Anna-Katharina Scheidereiter - CSR manager Kaufland Romania.