Name of children inspired by Kabala

Name of children inspired by Kabala

The spiritual names of children inspired by the Kabala religion are becoming more popular among parents, especially if we refer to Hollywood celebrities. Madonna or Tom Cruise are just two of the stars who have followed this rising trend, which has become popular following the growing number of religion followers worldwide.


Kabala, the religion that inspired thousands of parents to choose names of children according to its principles, is a branch of Judaism surrounded by mysticism. It combines several cosmological, magical and theological elements, in a way in which spirituality comes before the other material things.

The followers of the Kabala religion can be recognized by the red bracelet he wears on his wrist, a sign observed by internationally renowned stars such as Demi Moore, Paris Hilton, Ashton Kutcher, Madonna, Tom and Katie Cruise etc. The name of children occupies an important place in the hierarchy of Kabala principles.

Name of children in the Kabala religion

The Jewish religion places the names of children assigned by parents of newborns under the sign of fatality. The Jewish religion says that every baby is born with a certain name, and the mission of those who brought it into the world is to find out before the mystery of Baptism.

For this reason, Kabala requires the choice of the child's name only after birth, when it is possible to decipher the name that defines the baby's destiny. The principle of spirituality that defines religion associates each name with a unique numerical power, the letters of the Hebrew alphabet having a fixed value. Therefore, deleting or adding a single letter in the name can totally change the fate of the newborn baby.

This is why the Kabala religion forbids the choice of the child's name based on the names of relatives or other persons of a reprehensible character or who have led a difficult life. A Kabbalistic numerological way of choosing the child's name involves reasonings of the type:

  • use of the numerological system from 1 to 9
  • choosing a name according to the letters in the Hebrew version (for example, Aaron's name contains 5 letters);
  • figure 5 defines the destiny of a child who will possess the art of balance between his spirit and material being, of reality.

According to the Kabala religion, the definers are the figures that make up the child's full name, 1 and 4, influence the fate of the child: 1 means ambition and determination, and 4 denotes discipline, devotion and observance of the rules.

Other defining figures for the names of children in the Kabbalistic acceptance mean:

  • 3: independence, optimism, creative force;
  • 6: aesthetic feeling, harmony, beautiful love;
  • 7: perfectionism, critical spirit, leadership talent.

Therefore, parents are the ones who choose, in the first instance, the primal path of their children. The numerical values ​​behind the letters, syllables and the sonority of the name determine the formation of energies that gravitate around the future adult.

Names of boys inspired by Kabala

Since it is a branch of the Jewish religion, the names of Kabala children are the biblical ones, chosen by parents all on the principle of divine protection and the spiritual burden they carry. Here are some boys' names inspired by Kabbalistic principles:


In the Old Testament, Aaron's name is borne by Moses' older brother and the first high priest of the Israelites. The unanimously accepted meaning is "high mountain", "mountain of power" or solemn person, with function in the state.


Very popular among the American population, the Hebrew name Ben translates to "boy" or "son."


The most beloved boy names in 2011, David, also belongs to the Kabala religion and means, in Hebrew, "beloved".


Holy name according to the Orthodox religion, the Hebrew name Gabriel translates to "the force of God".


In the Hebrew form "Ephram", the name translates to "fruitful", "fruitful", "rich".


In Hebrew, the name "Isaiah" means "God is salvation."


Even though the biblical character of Judah is loaded with negative connotations, in Hebrew it is translated by "the elodiated", "the praised".


In the Hebrew form "Jeremiah," the name translates to "God has risen."


Michael, the Hebrew name from which the holy name Michael / Mihai comes from, translates to "who is God?".


Written in Hebrew "Raphael", the name Rafael has the meaning of "God healed".


Also promoted by the Orthodox religion, the name Samuel means "obey God."


A baby long awaited by parents can be baptized Saul, translated from Hebrew by "requested" or "prayed".

Names of girls inspired by Kabala

For girls, the names inspired by the Kabala religion are becoming more and more popular in Romania, thanks to the different meanings.


Less widespread in Romania, but inspired by the Kabala religion, is the name Abigail translated by "Father's Day".


Adena, a name of Jewish origin, translates to decoration, ornaments. It can be a derivative of the name Adina, which means "delicate, refined, gentle, fine".


In Hebrew, the name Alia is found in the form "Aliah" and means "to ascend" or "to go to God", "ascension".


In Latin, the name translates to "heart". According to the Kabala religion, Alma carries the meaning of "little girl" or "world".


In Hebrew, the name "Hanna" means both "favor" and "grace, delicacy, femininity."


The name Lea, also found in mythological literature, means "tired", "melancholic", "reflexive" in Hebrew.


Another name that is gaining popularity in Romania is Miriam, translated into Hebrew by "bitter sea", "rebel" or "desired child".


"Star" in 2011 and 2012 on the Romanian space, the name Rebecca comes from Hebrew and translates to "trap" or "splendor".


Also named after Tom Cruise's daughter Katie Holmes, Suri comes from Hebrew and means "princess".


The feminine form of the biblical name Simon, the name Simona means in Hebrew "to hear," "to listen."


The name Tamara comes from Hebrew and can be translated as "victorious" or "palm-giving." In the Old Testament, Tamar was the name of Judah's daughter-in-law and the name of David's daughter.

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