10 tips to sweat less naturally

10 tips to sweat less naturally

Excessive sweating is an embarrassing problem that can negatively affect your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you are used to wet underwear, perspiration patches, an unpleasant body odor, and sweaty hands, then read on because there are many inexpensive and natural ways to get rid of excessive perspiration.

1. Consume less caffeine. Caffeine can cause anxiety which triggers excessive perspiration in the body;

2. Try to stay calm in any situation. As mentioned above, anxiety causes excessive sweating. Therefore, keeping calm can prevent anxiety. Try meditation as a relaxation method of the mind;

3. Take a cold shower. It is probably not the most comfortable experience, but it works wonders;

4. Drink enough water. Hydration keeps your body temperature low, so your body will produce less perspiration. In addition, water helps to eliminate excess minerals and toxins from the body. Experts recommend 6 glasses of water per day;

5. Avoid eating processed, spiced or sugar-added foods. Spicy food will make you sweat more often, and a high intake of toxins will aggravate the problem of excessive sweating. The same effect has also the fructose syrup that is used by many producers to sweeten foods;

6. Consume "appropriate" foods. A deficiency of vitamins in complex B affects the body's ability to effectively assimilate nutrients, and to eliminate toxins properly. All this makes your body tense and energy-free which results in even more perspiration. Make sure you eat enough whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and protein;

7. Drink sage tea. Salvia has many benefits for the body, but the most important is to regulate the production of perspiration. Drink sage tea 2-4 times a day to lessen excessive sweating;

8. Avoid alcohol, cigarettes and drugs. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs should be avoided anyway, if you want a healthy lifestyle. The consumption of these chemicals leads to poor blood circulation, so they will affect the body's ability to control the production of perspiration;

9. Avoid clothes made of materials such as nylon or polyester and try to wear only natural fibers. Cotton and wool help the skin to breathe, unlike artificial fiber materials. In addition, make sure that the clothes you are wearing are light enough and offer enough space in the armpit area to allow evaporation and free circulation of air;

10. Use a natural deodorant. This will eliminate the unpleasant odor of perspiration.

Remember that perspiration is a normal and essential function of the body that should not be completely inhibited. Many traditional products work by blocking pores, artificially preventing one of the physiological processes - key of the body - the formation of perspiration. The Salt of the Earth created 100% natural deodorants based on alum stone, which do not block pores, but act by preventing the development of bacteria that cause an unpleasant odor, providing lasting and efficient protection.

Natural deodorants are recommended even for people with very sensitive skin or for children starting at age 6+.

Offering lasting protection, it does not leave white traces, they contain 100% natural ingredients, they are ideal for vegetarians or vegans, they are not tested on animals, they do not contain: aluminum chloride, alcohol, CFC, propylene, parabens, perfumes, triclosan, mineral oils .

The deodorants were adapted for each family member. From this range of deodorants we mention: Pure Aura spray deodorant with lavender & vanilla for women, Rock Chick spray deodorant with sweet strawberries for girls and Pure Armor Explorer spray deodorant for men.

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