The Zurli gang goes on a tour of the country!

The Zurli gang goes on a tour of the country!

The Tiribam-Tiribum show departs from Bucharest and reaches all county residences in Romania, within the campaign "You also have a book, give it away"!

The organizers of the campaign set out to provide with books of stories the kindergartens from the village that do not have a library. The entrance to the show is based on a beautiful book that the child - spectator donates during this campaign. The little ones thus learn to be generous and to help the children who do not have beautiful and colorful books of stories.

The story of the campaign "You have one more book, give it away"

campaign "You also have a book, give it away" left from a request expressed by the management of the "Sfantul Vasile" Placement center in Bucharest. Asked what the children in the center are missing, the director replied: "Beautiful and colorful books! We don't have a library."

And as friends can rely on Zurli, the gang announced a Tiribam-Tiribum show at the Tandarica Theater. The entry was made on the basis of a book donated by children. More than 300 parents, including Andreea Marin, Andreea Paul, Raluca Moianu, Marius Vizante, Simona Balanescu, Calin Goia, Pavel Bartos, Flavius ​​Buzila, responded to the invitation. The stars came to the show with their children and donated books brought by the little ones from the personal library. The books gathered in the campaign have found their place in a beautiful library in the Placement Center.

Fairy Fairy, Truli, Fetita Zurli, Clopotel, Zdranganel and Tanti The presenter personally brought the books of those prayers. One cannot describe in words the joy of the little ones at the sight of the colorful pages and full of the beloved characters.

The Zurli gang wanted to do the same in the cities of the country. And they know that when you want something, you must wish it with all your heart and formulate the desire so that the Fairy Good hears it. And, fortunately, not a single fairy heard, but even two fairies, who are mothers who come to shows with their little girls and know how much happiness can bring the show TIRIBAM TIRIBUM to the souls of children.

How and what happened? Violeta's mother (Andreea Marin) invited Zurli's mother Sandrei (Andreea Paul) to the shows. And the people from Zurli asked Andreea Paul to help them reach the children in the country.

Thus, Gasca Zurli will meet over 20,000 children in Romania. There are children from all county residences who will donate at least 20,000 books, books that they have already read from bar to bar and can donate to other children.

Schedule of the first week of the tournament:

  • Zalau, April 19, from 6 pm - Trade Union Culture House;
  • Baia Mare, April 20, 6 pm - Municipal Theater;
  • Satu Mare, April 21, 11.00 am - Dinu Lipatti Philharmonic;
  • Oradea, April 21, 6 pm - Trade Union Culture House;
  • Cluj Napoca, April 22, 6 pm - Student Culture House.

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