MedLife opens a new hyperclinic in Bucharest, the thirteenth in the portfolio

MedLife opens a new hyperclinic in Bucharest, the thirteenth in the portfolio

The unit is equipped with a 5D ultrasound, which offers great accuracy of the ultrasound images and allows the future mom to see a real image of the fetus

MedLife, the leader of the private medical services market in Romania, continues its expansion plans and opens a new hyperclinic in the capital, in the Berceni area. MedLife thus reaches a number of thirteen large clinics throughout the country, of which six are in Bucharest. The investment in the new unit is about 1.2 million euros.

The Hyperclinica MedLife Berceni covers an area of ​​800 square meters and includes 18 cabinets for numerous medical specialties, as well as specialized departments of imaging, neurology, cardiology and pediatric ultrasound. For the benefit of the residents of the Berceni area, but also of those in the vicinity, the services of pediatric neurology and neurology, imaging investigations and laboratory analyzes can be accessed within the clinic and on the basis of the referral ticket from the family doctor.

"The opening of the clinic in Berceni supports our plans for expansion and development in Bucharest. In the second part of the year we will focus on expanding and consolidating the leading position in the country, with the expansion of the MedLife clinic in Timisoara and the inauguration of a new hyperclinic in Cluj-Napoca. We are also continuing to prospect the market for new acquisitions at national level, with discussions with at least three operators already underway. Thus, as a result of this broad development process, we propose that by the end of the year we will reach the threshold of 5 million unique patients who have done at least one investigation in our units ”, said Mihai Marcu, President of the Council of MedLife administration.

Hyperclinica MedLife Berceni has the latest equipment, among which laser equipment and impedance meter for ENT disorders, a modern dermatological electrocautery, as well as a 1.5 Tesla NMR, one of the latest types of MRI, which benefits from a special software, which can be used for both adults and children. Also, within the clinic can be performed electroencephalography for both children and adults.

At the same time, the new MedLife unit in Berceni is equipped with a 5D ultrasound device Samsung UGEO WS80A, which offers an additional dimension of the details of the ultrasound, the future mother having the opportunity to see a real image of the girl, with great accuracy of the movements of the face and limbs. Moreover, the ultrasound is equipped with a special software, which allows mothers to download the ultrasounds and images directly on the smartphone or tablet, through the application "Hello Mom", and share them, in real time, with the father, parents, relatives or friends, on the social networks.

Hello Mom application runs on Android operating systems and allows the creation of the baby's first virtual photo album, as well as keeping a history of pregnancy and fetal evolution, from weight or height, to head circumference, and to a doctor's appointment journal.

Hyperclinica MedLife Berceni is located on Soseaua Oltenitei, no. 208 (inside the Mega Image building, 1st floor, the Big Berceni subway exit) and runs from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 21:00 and on Saturday, between 08:00 and 14:00.

The concept of "hyperclinic" was launched in 2004, with the opening of MedLife Grivita Hyperclinic, the largest clinic in the MedLife portfolio. This concept refers to a large clinic that combines clinical and paraclinical investigations under the same roof, from laboratory analysis and imaging services, to consultations and medical investigations for all medical specialties.

Currently, MedLife owns 13 hyperclinics located in Arad, Brasov, Timisora, Iasi, Galati, Constanta and Bucharest.