Spring fatigue

Spring fatigue

The springtime is a frequent disorder of the 21st century, occurring against the background of the climatic changes since the beginning of the warm season. The changes felt by the body during the transition from one season to another can lead to chronic fatigue, anxiety and emotional instability. In the most unfortunate situations, asthenia contributes to the installation of depression.

In general, asthenia in the spring is treated with vitamin supplements and a healthy diet. The disorder is placed in the same category with chronic stress, exhaustion and nervous breakdown.

The causes of asthenia in spring

The human psychic has a fragile balance, extremely vulnerable to change. When its stability is interrupted by certain external factors, the various symptoms of psychological disorders are installed.

The spring abstinence takes the form of a physiological and mental weakness, caused by changing outside temperatures, much stronger light and atmospheric pressure with extreme values ​​during the spring. The sudden passage from the winter climate upsets the biorhythm of the body, triggering symptoms similar to depression.

The symptoms of asthenia in spring

Women tend to be more affected by asthenia in spring than men, especially if they have a demanding professional life and are subjected to a high level of stress. Symptoms may be:

  • increased fatigue, even after minimal effort (walking);
  • palpitations, muscle pain, trembling throughout the body, carcasses;
  • fainting and migraine states;
  • increased irritability, deep sadness;
  • low blood pressure, drowsiness, frequent outbursts in crying;
  • lack of sexual appetite and desire;
  • increased allergies (especially polenta).

Treatment of asthenia in spring

In its mild forms, the asthenia of spring disappears after 2 weeks, once the body adapts to climate change. To successfully combat the symptoms, a well-established daily schedule, with regular meal and sleep hours, can work wonders.

Diet rich in fruits and vegetables, easy movement (especially outdoors) and effective dietary supplements to combat asthma (multivitamins, ginseng, pollen, magnesium) or herbal teas (catina, paducel, papadia, etc.) help restore balance. physiologically and mentally.

Copper, phosphorus, iron and manganese can be administered as a dietary supplement or taken from food, to combat the state of apathy specific to spring asthenia.

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